Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gas Masks as an Business Wear Accessory?

I have never really thought of myself of a fashionista. I'm a person that really enjoys just wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt but I do admit that buying clothes for work is pretty fun. It's amazing how much older and sharper a college student can look the second that they put on a suit. And of course, not to mention any business wear accessories. Maybe a tie, or briefcase?

Well, I found this week that there are some certain other accessories needed to do business in my office. We had to do a "COOP" exercise where everyone had to wear "escape hoods" (in layman's terms this would be considered a gas mask). Well, then again, you're not exactly encouraged to wear them all the time at staff meetings but I will be the first to admit that I had never really considered the thought of having to wear a gas mask at the office. They had us do the emergency drill exercise in order to prepare the office building should there be an attack of some kind. I'm not really sure whether or not they had this exact drill before 9/11, but it certainly livened up my day... I wouldn't call "escape hoods" fashion forward for work, but they do manage to give you a good laugh!

Otherwise, there were some other highlights from the day. The Indian Prime Minister was in Washington DC at the White House to meet with President Obama. I knew that he would be visiting as I had been keeping up with the news, but I didn't realize that he would receive his 21-gun salute while I was at work. Out of nowhere, all I hear are canons going off... And a lot of them. Here I think the potential attack my coworkers and I had discussed had become reality. Afterall, as close at the White House is to our office, the windows did shake a little with each "BOOM!". Luckily, to my relief, one of the Analysts, Frank, informed me that it was just a welcome to the Prime Minister. Pretty cool though! You definitely can't get that kind of internship environment in any other city in the U.S.