Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Welcoming Feeling...

Well, just this week I had to opportunity to meet with Matt Borman, as I had mentioned in my last posting. I knew the meeting wouldn't be long but I was excited at the opportunity to meet such a busy and high-ranking official within my Department. One of the analysts at my office escorted the other intern and I down to his office. We passed him in the hallway as we made our way down to his office as he was off to make one last stop before we could see him. He approached Victor and I right away to introduce himself. I found him particularly cordial and welcoming. He quickly returned and we had some time to discuss what he had been working on at SIES thus far and he went on to discuss his role and how he even got involved with BIS in the first place. All in all, I would say it was a good meeting and everytime I have walked by Mr. Borman since, he always makes a point to say hello. It definitely gives a more welcoming feel to what is the largest office building in Washington DC.

As it turns out, Mr. Borman told Victor and I that he worked with a man named Jim Jochum, who worked under the Clinton Administration there at Commerce. As he said the name, I stopped for a second and realized it was an old professor of mine from sophomore year. There are so many people within the AU community working in the government-- I really had no idea. The analyst who escorted us to Mr. Borman's office, Lani, actually did her graduate work at AU as well. Just another connection that made Commerce feel more familiar.

Victor introduced me to another AU student currently interning at BIS named Nick. It's nice to meet other interns at the office-- if not only for the networking, it makes lunch much more fun!

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