Monday, November 23, 2009

Site Visit from Professor Park

So the semester appears to be winding down and so it became that time for Professor Park to stop by and do a site visit at my office. Professor Park coordinates all of the internships for credit within the economics department at AU. In doing so, he reviews my work at my internship in order to make an assessment on my progress over the semester. As such, he comes to visit each student at their respective office and see what we each do firsthand.

Of course, the day that Professor Park visited my office seemed like the busiest day this semester. He was to arrive at around 11:30 and I was going to pick him up at Federal Triangle metro stop-- a few quick steps from my building. I realized I had gotten very involved with my work and hadn't been paying attention to the time. Soon enough it was 11:25 so I raced over to the metro to pick him up. It was important that I do this because, in order to access the building, Professor Park would need an escort to obtain permission to enter the building. Two metal detectors and 2 baggage scans later we were in. I took him up to see my boss-- Eric Longnecker-- so they could meet and talk a little bit more in-depth about what SIES does. After they met, Mr. Longnecker brought him over to my desk and I showed him some of the projects I had completed that day. I also got to explain what all of those were because just hearing the term "armament agreements" or "offsets" usually doesn't make much sense at first. Good thing I had been busy-- I had a lot to show him! As I was walking him out I started to talk with him about how the offsets report has changed over the years, about its practical application and about what we have been doing to improve it more recently. After that I escorted him out of the building and down the street to the national mall so he could relax a bit until his next site visit that day.

And that was about it. Otherwise, for the academic credit portion of my internship Iwill complete a somewhat lengthy paper describing the substance of my internship and then my supervisor will complete an evaluation on my work. Fingers crossed I do ok!

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